Signed in as:

Safe Tackle


Practice, Practice, Practice

Training, improved technique, advanced skills, open field pursuit, variuos angles, and methods of contact can be achieved with your SafeTackle units.


Anywhere and Anytime

The opportunity to improve and practice tackling techniques without involving another player.


Why SafeTackle?

The Hexagon opening with alternating colors create a targeting area for focus. The angles of the hexagon mimic the ankle, knee, and hip section of the anatomy in motion.

About Us


Our Team

We are a group dedicated to youth sports. We have all played, coached, and celebrated in various sports. We have a strict belief in the importance of a strong foundation. 

Our Home Field

Our corporate office and warehouse facility is located in Missouri. We work hard, and play even harder here.

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Contact Us

We love our fans and community!

We are always available to help out. Simply email us.

844-SAFETACKLE or 844-723-3822 


Missouri, United States